computer network at home or office

what is computer network ?

is two or more computers connected so that they can communicate with each other and share information, software, peripheral devices, and/or processing power.

network diagram

We believe that only after we understand a business's objectives and needs can we architect a proper network design. Businesses depend on their network infrastructure to run reliably. Designing their network properly is how we help.

Benefits of using networks ?

As your business grows, good communication between employees is needed. You can improve efficiency by sharing information such as common files, file sharing, printer sharing, internet connection sharing and business application software over a computer network.

Our custom solutions are for homeowners and businesses alike. You can rely on us for simple network design and integration for your business, Internet set-up for your home PC, or any kind of computer tech support. Just give us a call, and we will make sure that your home PC or office computer network is up and running in no time.

Network architecture design and configuration should always follow sound fundamentals. A network should meet the specific business needs of an organization, and provide a reliable, secure, fast and efficient business communication system.

Get these benefit from your computer network at home or office :

improve communication
share information among staff and suppliers. Customers are able to get in touch more easily

sharing internal data and be more efficient, avoid the same data being keyed multiple times, which would waste time and could result in errors

sharing customer data will deliver a better standard of service and keep a hold on your customer.

data protection. A network makes it easier to back up all of your company's data on one set of tapes, CDs, or other backup systems.

reduce costs and improve efficiency
all centralised, less administration support is required

cut costs through sharing of peripherals such as printers, scanners, external discs and Internet access

reduce errors-improve consistency
staff work from a single source of information, so that standard versions of manuals and directories can be made available, and data can be backed up from a single point on a scheduled basis, ensuring consistency

With improvements in network capacity and the ability to work centralize and get control on every important information, successful businesses should regularly re-evaluate their needs and their IT infrastructure.

For a basic network design, we first need to understand the business's information system's size and usage requirements before we can properly determine the dimensions and specifications of the proposed network.